OS Hacking and more.


Hello World

I'm hoping this will be useful...someday.

This blog will address various OS modification and installation projects that I am working through or have completed, in such a way that the useful/semi-useful/useless products can be recreated.

Among the random things I'll address are
Live OS distributions
Multi boot setups never attempted before(again)
Make it Damn Small!
Put it where it doesn't belong!
Hacking project not listed here...

Code snippets are my favorite, yours or mine.

Some OS's will show up more than others,
[cough] OSX86 [cough] Opensolaris
because they just are sooo untouched.
And some will appear cause "geez, didn't know that could be done"
[cough] linux [cough]

I'm hoping that the simple projects posted here can at least be a springboard for more projects.
You won't find support here unless you're building something. This is The Braindump.

I'll occasionally post other software and hardware projects...We'll see.
Oh, and please, I am not responsible for broken stuff. What works for me may cripple your machine. I'll post the hardware I use and hope yours works too.